Living up highest standards of ethics and governance makes us a trusted partner for all parties we work with

How we engage with our stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is very important for Daiwa House Modular Europe as we need to ensure we understand our stakeholder needs and expectations and that we deliver our ESG strategy.

ESG is an integral part of our strategy today to create a more sustainable future. We are excited to transparently share our sustainable journey that continuously evolves with our business and the world around us. We are convinced that there are still many more opportunities and we are eager to seek them all.

Richard Brinkman

What matters the most to us

We identify the environmental, social, and governance topics that we believe have the greatest impact on our business, on people and on the environment. Assessing these topics enables us to prioritise and focus upon the most material topics and effectively address these in our policies and programmes. We have identified our material topics by applying the principle of double materiality.