About Medexs

Medexs is a specialist in the design and construction of classified buildings and spaces

In 2021, Jan Snel’s cure department and Medexs joined forces, merging to trade under the name Medexs. This move combined Jan Snel’s knowledge and experience of comprehensive construction with Medexs’ knowledge of completion of classified spaces such as operating rooms and laboratories. We now jointly meet the growing demand for the realisation of classified spaces and buildings of high quality, from operating rooms to complete hospitals.

Medexs maintenance and validation department

Medexs’ maintenance and validation department specialises in the validation and maintenance of Operating Rooms, Cleanrooms, Laminar Flow and Safety Workbenches and Air Treatment Systems.

Our VCA-certified validation technicians are trained through specific cleanroom Training Courses (VCCN) and equipped with the necessary calibrated measuring equipment. If you purchase a Medexs plenum with a validation and maintenance contract, we extend the warranty to as much as 5 years instead of the usual 1-year warranty period.