About Medexs

Medexs is a specialist in the design and construction of classified buildings and spaces

In 2021, Jan Snel’s cure department and Medexs joined forces, merging to trade under the name Medexs. This move combined Jan Snel’s knowledge and experience of comprehensive construction with Medexs’ knowledge of completion of classified spaces such as operating rooms and laboratories. We now jointly meet the growing demand for the realisation of healthcare spaces and buildings of high quality, from operating rooms to complete hospitals.

Specialist knowledge, years of experience and transparent processes

We have the knowledge, the network and the determination needed to meet European demand for classified spaces and buildings. From this combination of specialised experience, we realise modular and therefore sustainable solutions for the medical sector.

As turnkey system builders of permanent medical real estate, you can rely on transparent, efficient, and sustainable work. We share our knowledge and years of experience to create classified medical buildings and spaces.

Als turn key systeembouwers van permanent medisch vastgoed weren wij transparant, efficiënt en duurzaam. Wij delen onze kennis en jarenlange ervaring om geclassificeerde medische gebouwen en ruimten te realiseren.

Daiwa House Modular Europe

Medexs is part of Daiwa House Modular Europe. Daiwa House Modular Europe boasts over 60 years of experience in the Benelux and over 50 years on an international scale. Within Daiwa House Modular Europe, the expertise of Daiwa House Group and Jan Snel melt together. The publicly traded Daiwa House Group and Jan Snel, one of the largest players in modular and sustainable building solutions in Europe, are making a difference with industrialised and modular construction.

They offer a wide range of residential solutions, catering to a variety of residential needs and desires, both for its clients and future residents. As an organisation with European and Japanese roots, the relationship between people and society is central to everything we do. Also in terms of construction methods. Focusing on the future.

The logo of Daiwa House Modular Europe – the ‘infinite heart’ – represents the bond the company has with its clients and target groups, and its continuous investment in growth and development.