Specialist in design and construction of medical spaces and buildings

Medexs is a specialist in the design and construction of classified spaces and buildings. The way we design, build and implement is flexible, transparent and efficient. Medexs’ construction method allows for upscaling and downscaling the capacity of a medical building as needed. We also restructure existing buildings. We ensure integration, applicable, flexible solutions and concrete results within the set time frame. Medexs supervises the project during the design phase, realisation and qualification.

Medexs offers a comprehensive solution in terms of finishing and furnishing

Any project involves dealing with a large number of parties and suppliers. We can take the complete process off your hands. Our team has many years of experience and gives you input about the air treatment system, the logistic process, construction aspects, furniture and medical equipment.

We serve as the interlocutor for technicians, structural engineers, suppliers and installers and ensure an integrated approach. Knowledge, quality and innovation are key factors. Because we design, develop and manufacture our products in-house, we always offer a high degree of flexibility and quality.

We zijn een de gesprekspartner voor technici, bouwkundigen, leveranciers en installateurs en zorgen voor een integrale aanpak. Kennis, kwaliteit en innovatie staan daarbij centraal. Omdat wij onze producten in eigen beheer ontwerpen, ontwikkelen en fabriceren, bieden we altijd een hoge mate van flexibiliteit en kwaliteit.