Maintenance and validation

Classified space is an important part of your organisation

We realise better than anyone that your classified space is an important part of your organisation and needs to function properly. That’s why we provide accurate installation and service after delivery of our systems. We provide training in hygienic work practices and are available 24 hours a day in case of questions or problems.

Business Unit Service & Validation

The Business Unit Service & Validation of Medexs B.V. is specialised in the renovation and validation of medical rooms, pharmacies, safety cabinets, and cleanrooms. Following validation, we can indicate the potential impact of the IGJ’s assessment framework, the applicable standards in accordance with, among others, NEN, ISO and GMP, on the existing complexes/rooms. Medexs’ maintenance and validation department specialises in the validation and maintenance of Operating Rooms, Cleanrooms, Laminar Flow and Safety Workbenches and Air Treatment Systems.


Our VCA-certified validation technicians are trained through specific cleanroom training courses (VCCN) and equipped with the necessary calibrated measuring equipment.

Fitting and Refitting Cleanroom Air Distributors

Medexs fits air distributors in house and under clean room conditions. All types of air distributors can be fitted or refitted in our refitting shop. Medexs also manufactures air distributor frame works, in HPL or aluminium.