Operating Rooms

Medexs offers a comprehensive solution for operating rooms

Together with our partner companies, we offer the best comprehensive solution. We combine the highest quality air supply system with hygienic wall coverings, lighting, floor and ceiling systems and furniture.

Medexs offers a comprehensive solution in the field of finishing and furnishing operating rooms

When you have an operating room complex built, you must deal with many parties and suppliers. Our services go beyond just developing, manufacturing and delivering. We are happy to provide you with sound advice at an early stage and provide input on how to implement the project. Whether it’s a new construction, a renovation or temporary or permanent solutions, we are happy to serve you.

We are an expert single point of contact for technicians, builders, suppliers and installers and we work to ensure smooth cooperation. Knowledge, quality and innovation are key factors. Because we design, develop and manufacture our products in-house in our own production facility in Rhenen, we can always offer you a high degree of flexibility and superior quality.


For the turnkey construction and renovation of spaces such as treatment rooms, operating rooms, outpatient clinics or even your entire clinic, Medexs is the right partner to turn to. Medexs takes the entire project off your hands – from design to validation. With a single point of contact with all the necessary knowledge of construction, engineering, and medical inventory, you are completely unburdened. For mechanical and electrical installations, Medexs works together with fixed and reputable parties who all have a lot of experience in the medical sector.

Should the construction or remodelling not fit your current or proposed building, expansion with modular construction is one of the options. We combine speed with comfort. Ideal if quick installation would benefit you. Moreover, the modular system can be upscaled at any time making it future proof.