A clean and safe work environment.

Building or remodelling a laboratory is a complex process. That’s why it is necessary to identify certain requirements and capabilities. This would include budget, deadlines, capacity of the space and whether you are dealing with new construction or existing construction.

Medexs offers a comprehensive solution in terms of finishing and furnishing laboratories

Building a laboratory involves a large number of parties and suppliers. Our services go beyond just developing, manufacturing and delivering. We are happy to provide sound advice at an early stage and give you input on how to implement the project. Whether it’s new construction or renovation, temporary or permanent solutions, we are happy to serve you.

We are an expert point of contact for technicians, builders, suppliers and installers and we ensure smooth cooperation. Knowledge, quality and innovation are key factors. Because we design, develop and manufacture our products in-house in our own production facility, we can always offer you a high degree of flexibility and quality.