Ceiling system

Modular cleanroom ceiling system

This modular accessible ceiling system is constructed of galvanised, sheet steel support profiles (band grid) with suspension elements. Suspension from the ceiling via galvanised threaded rods with suspension elements for precise height levelling (including locking).

Construction of the ceiling system

Cleanroom ceilings are available as walkable and non-walkable versions. Like the wall systems, finish and airtightness are important features. An advantage of an accessible ceiling is that it greatly facilitates any maintenance of filters, lighting, and other installations.

Also, a major advantage is that the process in the cleanroom does not need to be interrupted during maintenance. Our cleanroom suspended ceiling is easy to build, and if necessary, to dismantle and reuse in another location.

The connection joints are clearly defined (3-5 mm) to ensure correct connection and enable sealing with sealant. All visible surfaces are powder-coated in RAL 9010 as standard. The surface is completely smooth with low gloss. Other coating techniques (for example: a fine structure) are available as an option. The surface is hard-wearing, easy to care for and resistant to repeated cleaning with various disinfectants and cleaning agents (including hydrogen peroxide).


  • Support profiles of the cleanroom ceiling systems can be placed above the walls – thus all ceiling cassettes can be dissembled.
  • Ceiling cassettes can be dissembled without tools (the joint must be removed).
  • Cut-outs, including frames for built-in components, can already be prefabricated in the factory.
  • Defined connection between ceiling cassettes for an even joint pattern
  • Electrical cabling can be accommodated in the support profile. Holes in cassettes and support profiles allow for easy cable routing.

Medexs ceiling system

The Medexs ceiling system is suitable for spaces where an increased hygienerequirement is expected. Our suspended ceiling system is constructed from extruded aluminium profiles, which are coated in RAL 9016. Cross anchors are used to interconnect the profiles. The set forms a self-supporting, dust-proof, rigid ceiling grid. The ceiling grid has a grid size of 600 x 600 mm or 600 x 1200 mm.

The delivery of the complete ceiling grid includes:

  • The horizontal connection between wall and ceiling, in the form of a semi-circular aluminium wall profile, white coated, fixed directly to the wall.
  • Main beams and intermediate beams assembled into a rigid grid with brackets.
  • Complete suspension facility with M8 bolts, swivel joints, nuts, etcetera.
  • Ceiling clips to press the ceiling tiles dust-proof against the profile’s supporting edge.
  • Ceiling plates provided with the necessary cut-outs for the light fixtures, joints, and any other items. These are defined in advance on the manufacturing drawing.
  • Ceiling tile brand of your choice. If required, a number of ceiling plates can be provided with supporting timber to serve as a hatch for inspection work on the various air technical and electrical components.