Maintenance and validation

Validation and classification

Our VCA-certified validation technicians are trained by means of specific cleanroom training courses (VCCN) and equipped with the necessary calibrated measuring equipment

Medexs performs measurements according to a custom protocol

We perform the test below according to a custom protocol:

  • Particle measurements for dust classifications
  • HEPA filter integrity test
  • Temperature and relative humidity measurement
  • Differential pressure measurements between rooms
  • Differential pressure measurements over filters
  • Capturing flow patterns
  • Air velocity measurements
  • Air flow rate measurementsto determine ventilation and circulation
  • Noise and luminosity measurements
  • Recovery time measurements
  • CFU measurements in operation, in accordance with VCCN Guideline 8.
  • Calibration of Sensors and Magnehelics
  • Air Tightness Testing (Blower Door Test)

Reporting and advice

After carrying out the requested validation measurements, we provide a comprehensive digital report that clearly shows whether the requirements have been met. In the event of deviations, we make recommendations and supervise the optimisation process if required.

Medexs maintenance activities

In addition to performing validations, our maintenance and validation department also performs the following maintenance activities:

  • Replacing filters
  • Re-tensioning of air distribution fabrics
  • Performing maintenance and inspections
  • Resolving malfunctions
  • Performing repairs and modifications
  • Relocation of installations, systems and equipment

Validation and maintenance contract in conjunction with the extension of the warranty period

If you purchase a Medexs plenum with a validation and maintenance contract, we extend the warranty to as much as 5 years instead of the usual 1-year warranty period.